Why Do Rich Men Like To Date Athlete Women?

date athlete women

As rich men don’t have a strict rule of dating only those who are rich, they are mostly attracted to dating athlete women or even plainer women. It is quite unbelievable as rich men have the money and even fame to date and marry some of the most attractive women in the world and yet many rich men prefer plainer women or athlete females. Keep on reading to find it out.

When blogger and matchmaker Anna Bey wrote in one of her articles that rich men often like to date plainer women, it was hard to argue with it. After all, it is quite true that rich men, especially rich single men, are more into plain women and not those who prey on their money and try to get something out of them when they are weak and vulnerable. So, let’s dig deeper into some of the primary reasons why rich men are more interested in dating athlete women:

Athlete Women Are Less Spoiled

Most rich single men already have enough experience of dating beauty queens, models, and movie stars. Yeah dating such beautiful women may have its perks, but there is a lot of downside to it as well. We are not saying that all models, beauty queens, and movie stars are spoiled, but we cannot deny the fact that they can get spoiled and superficial because of their popularity.

Many models and beauty queens tend to have a bit of inconsistency when it comes to relationships and they are also more spoiled due to their fame, money, and how much people give them importance. It is a long topic, so the bottom line here is that rich men look for women who are less superficial and spoiled. This is where they find athletes quite attractive. Apart from a few significant athletes out there who may seem a bit spoiled, the majority of athletes are quite humble and are not superficial at all. It is quite amazing that these athletes have money and fame and yet they walk down the humble road without showing off their wealth or anything. Rich single men get attracted to them and we can’t question why.

They Come From Good Family Background and Are Educated

We are not saying that models, beauty queens, and movie stars don’t come from good family backgrounds, but what we are trying to point out here is that athletes are mostly focused on their studies and sport throughout their life and they tend to have less fakeness around them. They are quite straightforward and they don’t sugarcoat things. Plus, they come from good, hardworking families. Rich single men like dating athletes as they see a good future with them. Their education and strong work ethics also make them a much better option. They do not present themselves as movie stars and they attract single men with their charisma.

Rich Men Are Not After Beauty

You may find it hard to believe, but rich men do not really prioritize beauty a lot when it comes to choosing a date or even a partner. Most rich men look for other things in a woman such as her charm, caregiving abilities, intelligence, and assertiveness. These are some of the things that you can mostly find in athlete gilrs and other women in general. However, these things do lack a little bit in models, beauty queens, and movie stars. Unfortunately, we have set such high standards for a woman to be called beautiful and many people don't consider athletes super beautiful. It won't be wrong to say that athlete girls are just like other women all over the world. They are beautiful in their own way and that's what makes them so special. So, it isn't a big surprise that rich single males look to date and even marry athletes.

Athlete Women Are Quite Intelligent

Rich men become rich thanks to their intelligence and hard work. That's why most rich men prefer to date and even marry that woman who is also intelligent and hard working. And what better option there is than dating an athlete, right? Athlete girls are passionate about what they do and they know very well how to achieve their dreams. Although all women are hardworking and determined, it won't be wrong to say that athletefemales go the extra yard to achieve their dreams. They practice for years to master their skills and they never give up. Their relentless attitude attracts rich men the most and that's why you can see many rich men dating athlete girls.

They Are A Bit "Insecure"

Rich men have the money and power to buy anything in the world, but they know very well that they cannot buy love. Yes, we are talking about love which comes in different sizes and shapes. Love is something that you cannot buy. You have to earn it. Some experts believe that the reason why most rich men prefer athlete women or plainer women is that they are a bit insecure and worry that their girlfriends might cheat on them. You can find numerous stories of how a beautiful woman cheated on her boyfriend just because there were many other men after her. Beauty attracts other men and this is why rich men try to play safe by dating someone who is less attractive.

There is nothing wrong in it as many attractive women try to date less attractive men because of their fear that their partner might cheat on them. It goes both ways so we better not blame anyone here. The point is that rich men look for a dating partner who can remain loyal and we are not saying that beautiful and attractive women do not stay faithful, it is just that rich men are a bit insecure about their partners and they look for someone who can remain loyal to them.

They Look for Depth

And last but not least, rich men look for depth in their relationship and that's why they turn to athlete women. The truth is that many rich single men reach a point in their life when they say that, "I am freaking tired of dating beauty queens and models." It is because there are cases in which rich men date those models, supermodels, beauty queens, and movie stars who are superficial, self-obsessed, and spoiled. Rich men, even other men, can find it out pretty quickly that their date is only driven by social status and appearance, So, that's why they try to find women who are not self-obsessed and superficial. Athlete girls easily fit the description and that explains why there are so many athlete dating sites that cater to rich men looking for athlete dating experience.

The Bottom Line

Rich single men can afford to be selective and it isn't a big surprise that they can choose their partner a lot more easily as compared to other men. And yet they look for less attractive women which is exactly the opposite of what most men want out there. We explained the reasons why they do it and we hope now you know what motivates them to date athlete women. If you take a look at things from their angle, it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

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As rich men don't have a strict rule of dating only those who are rich, they are mostly attracted to dating athlete women or even plainer women. It is quite unbelievable as rich men have the money and even fame to date and marry some of the most attractive women in the world and yet many rich men prefer plainer women or athlete women. Keep on reading to find it out.

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