Why Do Professional Athletes Date Models?

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From the basketball court to the football arena, there are men with bulked-up bodies, headgear, and strong personalities. They look even more dashing and dapper outside of their playing field as well. And most of these athletes have some unbelievably great looking wives or girlfriends.

So, is it because of their handsome and polished looks or because they made millions of dollars that some of the most beautiful women cannot stop the temptation to be with them? Well, it is a question that has different answers. It is because many of these models make a lot of money as well and they don't need money as the major reason behind them making the decision to date an athlete. On the other hand, athletes have so much money and look that they have no trouble attracting and dating super beautiful girls.

Nowadays, football players dating cheerleader is considered the norm. However, it is a bit different when it comes to professional athletes dating models. Although athletes dating models have become more common these days, it often makes you wonder if most of these relationships are real or not. From Tiger Wood marrying model Elin Nordegren to Tom Brady marrying Gisele Bündchen, the list of professional athletes dating and marrying models goes on and on.

What we have noticed over the years that even if the professional athlete isn't really good looking, he/she is still able to date some of the most beautiful models. Hey, we are not following any strict standards of beauty that we apply to all athletes, but we are just highlighting a common opinion. Plus there are athletes who accept that they are not really good-looking. Nevertheless, the point that we want to make here is that sometimes an average-looking athlete starts dating a super-hot model and it makes us wonder, "How on earth is she dating him?" Well, if you are looking for the answer that starts with "M" (Money), then that's not the only reason. In fact, models earn a pretty handsome amount of money themselves. So, what is the reason?

Here, we will put some light on two aspects to understand everything:

Models Dating Athletes: For Love, Money, Or Some Other Reasons

What we have noticed is that athletes (most of them are pretty hot) and beautiful women date each other even though they show no apparent common interests. Money is not the only factor that makes beautiful models date athletes as they earn good money themselves. It won't be wrong to say that models and athletes are somewhat on the same wavelength.

The reason can be fame as models start to get more popular for dating athletes. There are many cases of so many models becoming more popular after they started dating professional athletes.

Think about it: how many times you read or heard somewhere that a professional athlete started dating a model and then you had to take the help of Google to find out more about that model. So, it can be said that dating a professional athlete does help a model in her career. There are many cases in the past in which athlete dated models. There are Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey dating Olivia Culpo and then there are rumors that Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are not dating exclusively, but still there are rumors that they are dating.

We cannot dismiss the fact that athletes date and marry models for the sake of love as well. There are so many examples in front of us in the form of the athletes dating and then marrying models, such as Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher, Victoria and David Beckham, Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha, Ciara and Russell Wilson, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, and how can we forget Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. Although these are the athletes and models who got married, there are still many athletes who only dated models and then didn't marry them. But that's another topic to discuss.

So, it can be said models date athletes for the sake of love, sometimes fame, and there is a possibility that they do it for money as well. But we cannot say anything for sure here.

Athletes Dating Models: The Main Reason Behind It

Athletes have a very busy routine. They have to go away from home for weeks and even stay out for months at a time. They remain out for almost half of a year. This means that they have to stay at hotels and spend time away from home. It opens an issue that sometimes others don't understand. Take an example of an NBA star that has to go out to play games and stay out of the home. His girlfriend has to deal with her man being gone for weeks and this can put a strain on their relationship. Spending so much time apart can put some complications in the relationship. So, many athletes try to avoid it and one of the best ways to do it is to date someone who also has a busy routine or who understands that not coming home for weeks because of work is not a big deal. We are not saying that those who are not models don't understand why their men have to stay out of home for weeks, but it certainly helps.

One of the primary reasons why athletes dating models have become so common is that they complement each other very well. Both athletes and models know how to maintain themselves and have a healthy lifestyle. This makes them support each other well and they keep each other motivated. And let's not forget that both of them look beautiful together.

Another reason we'd like to include here is that many athletes date models because they want to enhance their own image and brand. As they are going to various places, it means that they are definitely going to be photographed. Since there are photographers itching to take photos of famous athletes, the athletes also want to be filmed or photographed with an attractive woman around them. So, dating a beautiful model certainly helps them in achieving this little purpose.

And last but not least, athletes are some of the most desirable males; they are famous, fit, and rich. On the other hand, models are considered to be the most desirable females; they are beautiful and glamorous. So, they naturally attract each other.

In the end, all we can say is that the professional athletes date models because they want someone who can complement and support them. Some pro athletes only date models because they put a lot of emphasis on their brand image and they want to be photographed with beautiful women. And some athletes believe that a model who has a busy career of her own can understand them better and they can go along much better than others. Let us know if you think there is any other reason behind it. And lastly, we want to say that if you are not a model and you want to date an athlete then don’t lose hope. There are some good athletes dating websites that can be of great help to you.

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Why Do Professional Athletes Date Models?

From the basketball court to the football arena, there are men with bulked-up bodies, headgear, and strong personalities. They look even more dashing and dapper outside of their playing field as well. And most of these athletes have some unbelievably great looking wives or girlfriends. So, is it because of their handsome and polished looks or because they made millions of dollars that some of the most beautiful women cannot stop the temptation to be with them?

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